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Hello. I'm Andraea Z.

I am an eagle-eyed Coder, Designer, and Cloud Engineer in the making...

<My Portfolio/>

Dorothy Delong

Web Design Project
Adobe XD

This project was my first at Skillcrush. It was for a mock client called Dorothy De Long, a feminist photographer, who took candid shots at events where women were at their most empowered. The goal of this project was to create a design comp of a landing page to entice magazines and museums to purchase Dorothy’s photographs.

Visual Design Project

Visual Design Project
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Figma

For this Skillcrush project, I chose to redesign my father's business website. To go with current UI trends, I chose a split-screen for easier UX for his customers; the left stays static with the images changing, as the right side scrolls down. The project included desiging the logo in Illustrator and a business card in InDesign.

Blue Bean Style Guide

Branding and Identity Design Project
Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

For my final Skillcrush project in the Designer Fast Track, I had to rebrand a local coffee shop called "The Whole Bean" and design a Style Guide. As I was experimenting with my vision of the whole bean in the cup for the logo, I felt the bean in blue gave the perfect feel to the brand. Therefore, I renamed the brand as "The Blue Bean".

<About Me/>

Nicknamed Eagle-Eyed Andraea, I’m creative, curious, and culture-aware.

Making the most of the Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown, I have been upskilling online to make a career pivot into tech. Since June 2020, I have been studying with Skillcrush's "Break Into Tech" and "UX Design" package. A few months later, I joined Out For Australia as a volunteer Graphic Designer. At present time, I am undertaking an six-month Academic Internship in IT.

About Me